Business Development

The business development group at Hitachi High Technologies America (HTA) is chartered with identifying products and technologies, whether evolutionary or disruptive, that will benefit from our diversity of expertise, market leadership, and established global network.

Whether an entrepreneur, inventor, start-up, or established business, consider the benefits of partnering with HTA:

  • The advantage of global brand recognition: HTA holds leadership positions in manufacturing equipment, instrumentation, metrology, life sciences, and electronic products and materials.
  • Scale your business—fast: Our established and culture-savvy network of global sales, marketing, and logistics exists in all high-growth countries and major markets.
  • Grow your sales—fast: Capitalize on our long-established relationships with leading original equipment manufacturers around the world.
  • Fast-track your development: Resolve technical issues through collaboration with world-class R&D.
  • Flexibility: The level of collaboration is customizable to suit the need.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Biotech • Nanotech
  • Environmental • New energy
  • Cloud-based services • Health
  • Electronics • Others


Not just an investor, HTA is focused on building a lasting relationship, resulting in long-term success for your company.

Contact us, and let's do something together.

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