FT9200 Series XRF Coating Thickness Gauge

Hitachi FT9200 XRF Coating Thickness Gauge
Basic model of the Hitachi FT-Series XRF Coating Thickness Gauges



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The FT9200 Series is the basic model of Hitachi's FT-Series of fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauges. The FT9200 is designed for the measurement of small parts, and the FT9255 for large printed circuit boards.

1. Film Analysis FP software enables highly precise measurement of coating thickness even with contoured samples.

2. Collision prevention sensor makes contoured samples safe to measure.

3. Easy focus operation with the laser focus mechanism.

4. Easy to observe microscopic areas, with the optional four-step zoom function.

5. Focus distance toggle mechanism enables measurement of low area in a sample with height.

6. Incident lighting makes samples easier to view.